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    ASP Hosting

    I am looking for an ASP web host to test my scripts for the next couple of months. Uptime is somewhat important to me during the test period because I will be working on the site pretty often.

    I'm going to need the following with the availability of the option to upgrade at any time:
    - 3 GB monthly transfer
    - 25 MB disk space
    - ASP 3.0 (.NET is a plus)
    - MS SQL Server would be nice but not a requirement
    - Access database support if SQL server is not available
    - I'm not picky about the control panel but I'd like to see a demo before I commit to anything new

    I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me the web sites of a few quality hosts which you've had past experience with and suits my needs.

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    I am not meaning to be mean here, but no host is going to welcome you to "test my scripts" development is not a place for a live webserver, it hurts every other customer.

    If you want to test scripts I highly recommend using either W2k Pro or Windows XP Pro and using IIS to develop on, you have a number of benefits, fast development and transfer, not hurting anyone else, and only downtime is form your own mistakes and doesn't take the whole server down.

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    I take it the type of testing your doing wont effect others. With a no contract deal you could do your testing on a dedicated Windows 2003 ASP Server. Just something to keep in mind
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    why dont' you test right on your PC? install all components you want

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    amzhost is right, You have to test your script on your PC. Don't waste money for testing purpose.

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    Try , they have a free package which you can always upgrade to a paid one with more resources and features.

    I've been using them for my ASP sites for about 2 years and still using them. Give'em a try
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    I would also reccomend Their server is very stable. Pitty about the large advertisments...

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    I appreciate your concern, but I'm not doing anything to hurt the server. I'm currently using brinkster and I'm not too pleased with the fact that I have to use a web based form to update my pages.

    I considered the option to install IIS on my machine, but it's running XP Home and the company isn't willing to shell out $200 (guess) for a Pro license.

    Can somebody recommend a host and just disregard the fact that I'm using it for a site that isn't live yet?

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