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About 60 researchers are undergoing decontamination treatment after a suspicious chemical was found.

The white powder was discovered at Sittingbourne Research Centre, on Broad Oak Road, in Kent, about 6pm.

The centre is advertised as the "largest single concentration of laboratories to let in the UK".

Tenants at the 116 acre site, next to the M2 motorway, include major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as technology-based businesses in the fields of environmental biotechnology, electronics, diagnostics, instrumentation and Information Technology.

More than 60 firefighters were called to the research centre as well as police and ambulance units.

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If these sites are "to let" then whoever is behind the creation of this substance might not be sanctioned or it could be a false alarm of course.

Part of me hopes that it is as a result of criminal/terrorist intent, then at least we've got it and it can't be used on anybody here in Britain or anyone else.

Opinions?? Comments??