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    Which Linux for Dual Opteron w/ SCSI

    Which STABLE Linux would you recommend for Dual Opteron w/ SCSI?

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    Linux is Linux is Linux is Almost all of the distro's are stable. It is a matter of personal preference. For me, I like slackware, however, if you want to run cPanel and use RPMs you need RedHat Enterprise, Debian, SuSE, Fedora or Mandrake. Out of them, I would go with RedHat Enterprise or Mandrake.

    I also suggest running the 2.6.x kernel as it allows for some speed enhancements and it is very stable. Unfortunately, RedHat comes packet with a 2.4.x a kernel and requires a bit of work to get 2.6.x working, however, mandrake comes packed with 2.6.x
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    I would go for debian....simply because I love to work with debian

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    I would check out SUSE ES or Redhat AS, as they both have versions for AMD64

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