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    Needed: vBulletin 2.3 to vBulletin 3 Style/Skin Conversion


    I currently run a vBulletin forum that runs on VB 2.3. The style/skin it uses it very much customised, so to upgrade to VB 3 (which I plan to do ASAP) I'll need the style/skin converted to successfully work with VB 3.

    Therefore, I am looking for someone to help me do this conversion.

    If you have a track record working with vBulletin and can help me with this, please get in touch.

    I'd like to confirm that payment will be made on delivery since I'll need to test the new style/skin before the project is finalised.

    Therefore, to protect us both it would be best to run this project through either eLance or ScriptLance. (ScriptLance has an Escrow service that I make use of on many projects.)

    This project is currently open for bids on both eLance and on ScriptLance. If you search for "vBulletin" you should find it.

    I am most likely to choose a bid which is below $100.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Louis Allport

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    I'll send you a PM in a minute... I am upgrading skins for and right now have no work to do - I can do yours today/tomorrow.

    Ashraf Abed //

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    Hello Ashraf

    I have just contacted you through your website form.

    If you could please offer me a quote for this - please note that this job is not urgent.

    And if you could point me to samples of work of yours that would be great.

    And also - what are your payment terms?

    Thank you.


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    Sorry I forgot to send the PM, the price is $80 and it must be made through paypal.

    and I replied to your email.

    Here are some samples of skins I've coded:

    There are many more but those are the only ones not on my test board(Illegal to display to the public)

    I look forward to working with you,
    Ashraf Abed

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