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    QMAIL - Piping email to a PHP Script (HiveMail) - PLESK HELP!!!

    Basically HiveMail has proven to be useless during this time period or whatever (i hope its not always like this) But here is my original thread:

    But as for now, I am installing this myself.

    I am running into a small problem.

    I want to pipe my email to the script however, when I put it in here:

    .qmail-default - i put in this line:
    |preline /home/httpd/vhosts/domain/subdomains/mail/hivemail_process.php

    And it works, sort of - but the pop accounts stop working, I guess all of the email is being sent directly to hivemail instead of the valid accoutns being dealt with by pop

    and when i put that same line into:
    Nothing happens at all.

    So under .qmail-defaul it works but pop does not

    And under .qmail it does not work at all

    Any Suggestions / IDeas?

    Note, I have paid extra for support to, but It is proably useless as well.

    Note I put it in the file .qmail - and nothign happened, and with .qmail-default it works, but i need 3 or 4 pop accounts to work as well, so i want whatever is not pop to be piped.

    Any Help? PLEASE
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    For me I followed their steps and created an identical account in Plesk.. worked fine.

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    I wouldn't set it up like that at all. Basically, choose a mailname that you want mail to be sent to like [email protected]. Do:

    pico /var/qmail/mailnames/


    | /home/httpd/vhosts/domain/subdomains/mail/hivemail_process.php

    Save file and restart qmail:

    /etc/init.d/qmail restart

    Also, qmail requires executable permissions to execute the pipe script and subdomains are set up with 750 so:

    chmod 755 /home/httpd/vhosts/domain/subdomains/mail

    Also note that the "support" mailname that you have just created directly in qmail must NOT be setup in Plesk. Do all that and it will work guaranteed. If you have problems, send an email and then grep the maillog.
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    I'm thinking about offering HiveMail on my server which is already using Plesk7/RHEL3. I was wondering:

    Can HiveMail be configured to work well with Plesk? It sounds like a lot of people have had problems setting it up in general, and with Plesk in particular. Also, has anyone discovered HiveMail to be a resource hog, or does it actually handle itself reasonably well?

    I tried setting it up on my server using NexDog's suggestions, but I couldn't get it to actually send or receive mail. I figure that setup is jsut a matter of configuration, though, so to me the real question right now is: Is this really a viable e-mail solution for potentially hundreds of e-mail clients on a single server?

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