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    spam assassin problem

    One of my clients recenty enabled Spam Assassin on my Cpanel server. Now, all of their email which is marked at Spam is sitting in my mail queue. Any ideas what may be causing this? I have Spam Assassin enabled on other domains and I am not having this problem. I am also running Mailscanner.

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    It is possible that they have the "Spam Box" set up where all spam is moved to that folder/account. They should change their setting to tagging the subject and allow through, just so they can test the effectiveness of the service.

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    They do have the Spam Box enabled. I have other domains set up the same way and they are working fine.

    When the Spam Box is enabled, where is the email sent and is there any way to check it?

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    Their spam box may be full. It follows the same quota that is set for their mailbox. Check your /var/log/exim_mainlog file. It should tell you why the email wasn't delivered.

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    That is the problem. The 2 guys have over 20 mg in spam already in their spam box. Can I do the following:

    cp /dev/null /user/spam

    Is there anyway to clear out the spam boxes on a daily basis (other than creating a cron job)?

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