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    Post Cerberus Helpdesk 2.4.0 Released! Update on New Free Version keys, XSP & More!

    Hey guys,

    We just finished posting the Cerberus Helpdesk 2.4.0 files and an announcement for the release:

    Some major features added this release:
    * Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    * Fetch & Retrieve (automatic solution advice from the knowledgebase)
    * Contact Management
    * Ticket Due Date Management
    * A Brand-New Customer Interface
    * Custom Field Groups
    * Major Performance Enhancements for 1 Million+ Ticket Systems
    * MUCH more.

    Some 2.4.0 feature highlights are explained here:

    The announcement also includes an update on a few other key topics:
    * Cerberus Helpdesk 2.5.0 Roadmap
    * Cerberus XSP
    * Cerberus Support Center (the new customer interface)
    * Support + Product Maintenance Plans
    * The new Free Version Single Email Address Key (no expiration, replacing Trial Keys)

    Jeff Standen, Chief of R&D, WebGroup Media LLC. - LinkedIn
    Cerb is a fast and flexible web-based platform for business collaboration and automation.

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    I like the idea of the little free version, always nice to be able to try a product before purchasing (besides the onsite demo).

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    this is the best helpdesk out there by far.. cant wait to try new version...

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