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    Selling Sharp e-Commerce site

    Asking Price: $150.00 (it's worth it, check it out)

    Concept: You sell premade giftbaskets at below cost prices. With the sale of this site I will provide you with the website of the company where you can get these baskets at low prices. The company will dropship the packages for you.

    How it works: Customer buys from your site and pays you up front via, PayPal, 2 Checkout, or most any payment system you choose . You go to the manufacturer site and place the order with the customer's address as the shipping address. They ship the product to your customer with no markings from their company so the customer never knows you palced the order through a third party.

    So in summary, you can charge whatever you want for the baskets and pay the discounted price at the manufacturer's website and keep all the profit because you own the site!

    Right now I have it set up to accept 2checkout payments. Go there and run through the purchase process, (it's in demo mode). You can change and add products and payment methods with the easy to use admin panel. It tracks sales and stores them in a database along with customer info. The website is run on the OsCommerce engine with plenty of modifications including an affiliate program!. I am not selling their software here. I am just selling the design, idea, and supplier contact information for this fully established business.

    Contact me at [email protected]
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