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    Q - negotiating original artwork pricing for a commercial site


    I'm in need of advice/opinions from anyone who's been down this road before. I am looking into incorporating the work of a local artist into the logo of a commercial site I'm working on. The artist is well-established, well respected, relatively well know, and has his own gallery nearby. He sells prints of his work via the web in the $15-$30.00 range.

    I contacted him recently about using one of his existing works in the manner described above, and he seems receptive to the idea. The problem is that he doesn't know what to charge, and I haven't a clue what to offer.

    Does anyone know if there are any sort of "rules of thumb" for this sort of thing, or is it simply a matter of playing the low-high game until we settle on something?

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    I am not quite sure either. But I have worked with a well-known painter and wanted to use his work on postcards. I think the price can't be in the tens but rather hundreds for just using it and in the thousands to have the exclusive rights.

    I guess that should also be the price i would pay for.

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    If he sets his price at $30 - $50 - he must have a formula that he uses to work out the price, so if he wants to get X for each print in total he would take X/expected number of sales to get the price of 30 or 50 above - (I would imagine).

    I dont know how many he seels but I suppose if you wanted to buy it exclusivly you could pay him Expected Number of downloads times 30 to 50?

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    If you go to and ask there, the artists in that community will be able to help you. It is a community of professional and amateur artists and I am sure you will find a answer to your question there.
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    Actually it pretty much depends on the work itself.
    Is it one of his famous painting ? Or one where he has less affection to it. Cause using it on a commercial logo, it would be wise to have exclusive right.

    Cost of the original x 5 cause you're using it to make a profit. Something like it... in the thousand range I would say

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    It depends on the piece of art itself

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