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    Cool Colo for virtual ISP WHO to use???

    Looking for suggestions. Want to colocate a 4U server for a virtual ISP. Will do radius, email, dns..etc....

    Anyone currently using deal for $149.00??

    From my search it seems FDCservers runs hot and cold....

    Also need to be able to install a couple phone lines for auto 1-800 signups from setup CDs....

    Would also consider renting a server if the specs and network were right...Need dual or more 120 or 160 drives setup with linux software raid....

    Thanks in advance..


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    Why not use VoIP rather than regular phone lines?

    If you found that FDCServers runs hot and cold (I do not use them), do you want to use them for your ISP business? If they go down then all your customers will as well and I would get pretty upset if I was your customer and could not get my email.

    I would consider a more mission critical provider with a proven excellent uptime.

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    What I meant by "FDCservers runs hot and cold" is that just as many folks praise them as do bash them.. Looking for someone currently using their system to give some real world feedback...Not someone who heard this or that and has never used them...

    Have looked into voip....It is a possibility.....


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    So you are basically looking for as cheap as possible?

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    No not at all.... Just considering all the possibilities... I just pulled FDCservers out of the hat....Trying to get some real info.... So to make everyone happy...Forget I even enquired about FDCservers........

    How about info on colo providers in or near one of the following cities:

    Newark DE and NJ
    Norfolk VA

    All are within a 3 hour drive for me....


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    ok so what is it you need?

    bandwidth, space, power and the ability to run telephony lines to your machine.. anything else?

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    Yep...Sounds like a colo....hahah...

    1 to 5Mbit commit...capped.... yes I want to know what my bill is every month...At least in the beginning....Willing to prepay 3 to 6 months.


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    Originally posted by wishiwashere
    No not at all.... Just considering all the possibilities... I just pulled FDCservers out of the hat....Trying to get some real info.... So to make everyone happy...Forget I even enquired about FDCservers........
    Do your dial pool arrangements allow you to deploy two RADIUS servers, or will they only query a single server? You really don't want your dialup A/A/A to be down ever, as customers will start calling tech support. If you are considering economy providers, I strongly urge you to co-locate at two different sites and operate redundant RADIUS servers.

    For the WHT readers that haven't been in the end-user ISP business, RADIUS; or Remote Authentication Dial In User Service, is a protocol used by terminal servers for dialup pools, DSL, and now even applications like 802.1x ethernet port security. When you dial in to a typical ISP's modem pool, it sends a RADIUS authentication request to a RADIUS server, which compars your user name and password against its database (or forwards the query to a wholesale dialup customer's RADIUS server) and returns a response including information like the allowed duration of the connection, static IP address information, and so on. Once the connection has been established, another RADIUS message is sent by the dial pool to a RADIUS accounting server, which makes a record of the call for billing purposes. Finally, when the call ends, the dial pool sends another accounting message to the RADIUS accounting server recording when the call ended.

    This may be more than you ever cared to know about RADIUS, but my point is that the poster's servers are considerably more important than email servers from an end-user's perspective. They can't even log on to the Internet without those RADIUS servers churning away, and that will generate immediate tech support calls.
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    Actually I am considering going with globalpops as my aggregator...They provide multi network radius.... So I would not have to maintain a primary radius server...Just secondary...Have gotten some really good feedback in ref to globalpops....

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