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    Appreciate Help Appraising A Few Domains

    Got a list of domains, just wondering if any of them are worth more than reg fees. If its worth more than reg fee, appreciate your valuation. (zeros) (zero) (zero) (zero) (one) (zero) (one) (zeros) (zero)

    Thanks in advance. Most of the domains used to be for my long-ago shell business. Considering the option of selling the domain instead of restarting the biz.
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    And one more. Just found it.

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    I doubt you would get much for those. Try selling them on to another shell company but dont expect a very pretty offer (if any offer at all).
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  4. #4 might be worth a bit more if developed as a playstation forum

  5. #5 exactly .. the better, but also in 50$ 25$ - 60$

    i can't see any real value on others !!

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