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    Flash MX vs MX 2004

    Because someone posted the Dreamweaver version of this topic, I figured I would ask about Flash since I have been curious (and I didn't want to hijack that thread).

    So, which do you prefer and why? Is it worth upgrading from MX to MX 2004?

    Thanks in advance
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    I use both, and i like both of them pretty much the same, though i probably use MX more often. MX 2004 doesn't have the normal mode for actionscript where it basically creates AS for you, so it's alot harder for new flash users. Also the components have been re-vamped, and the scrollbar component is gone and has been replaced with "scrollpane". If you need to use it you'll have to copy it from MX. Also the built in effects seem pointless to me.

    MX 2004 seems more stable to me, and usually for big projects i'd use 2004, and for smaller projects ill use MX. I think this has been said in another post but if u have MX, try a demo of 2004 and see if you like it. 30 days should be enough for you to decide, and if you have to opportunity to have both, i think that would be the best way to go.

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    MX 2004 is very slow, actionscript editor is awful and buggy. I used it for a while then switched back to MX.

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    Hmmm... bummer.

    I was hoping to get more feedback on this as I have both at work and have just started getting into it (the last 2 months).

    Thanks for you're feedback guys - anyone else have anything to say about the differences? Your preference?
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    THE company is only trying to GET you to purchased their latest software, read from that what you willÖ But Ill say ITíS NOT worth IT

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    Pheww, thanks for posting out this topic, was just about to get the 2004 version, wait till theyve settled these problems then

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