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Thread: Coincidence?

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    * Coincidence?

    "Voicenet Servers Seized by Authorities

    April 21, 2004 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Authorities have seized the servers of Web hosting and Internet service provider Voicenet Communications ( running its "Quickvue" search tool that was allegedly being used to scour bulletin boards for illegal adult content, according to a report by the Associated Press.

    Lawyers for Voicenet, the report said, did not know the tool was being used to access illegal pornography and stated that the company has no control and is not criminally liable for material posted to the bulletin boards and user groups accessed through use of the search tool.

    No criminal charges have been laid, but investigators have said they are interested in examining the list of Quickvue subscribers.

    Lawyers said the seizure was the first time a Pennsylvania law enforcement agency has stopped an Internet company from facilitating access to pornography."

    Who says that?

    "Filed" or "Charged" sure, but "Laid"?

    It's a news post about pornography, and no charges have been laid !?!?


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    The Dude

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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