Hi there,

We've had some more space become available so we've decided to extend this offer for a few more weeks:


- 2U rack space
- 300GB premium multihomed bandwidth per month
- 100mbps full duplex burstable switch port
- APC remote reboot power socket
- Unlimited free IP addresses (subject to RIPE allocation guidelines)

- 100% network uptime SLA

GBP 65.00 set-up
GBP 99.00 per month



Please email our sales team ([email protected]) if you would like to go ahead with this deal or would like more information.

We have a Dell NAS server in our rack if you require off-server backups.

We currently have 1gbps of external IP connectivity, with providers including Level3, PCCWBtN and Telecomplete. We peer extensively with other ISPs, including HE, Nildram, Cogent, Akaimai, Rednet, Claranet, NTL, Newnet, GX Networks, Bulldog, Netcologne, the BBC, Microsoft, and many more.

We operate our own private 144sq ft suite at the Redbus III facility in London, using Juniper, Cisco and HP network equipment and APC power management.

Please either PM me or post below if you would like any more details or a test IP address to try out. If you have any other queries please let me know.


Robin Balen