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    * Selling ipb life time from $200 to $100

    i have posted again about this before a week or more..
    well i have lots of replies but at the end it didnt end with a deal
    ok ..
    i dont want any hosting or design
    i just want to $100 cause i really need them .. no exchange
    if u are interested plz post sold and contact me

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    Is there a way to confirm that you own this licence and how would payment be handled. Now I just need to think of something I can sell to get this.

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    my username is madyz2k at invisionboards
    if u are already a registered member at that boards u can check a post in members area that i was asking if i am aloud to sell it
    also my key ends with -LIFE

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    Rikki at IPS
    We have no customers or users by that name.
    You must have the wrong username. Could you please give us the username that has this license registered?

    Thank you.

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    I too am unable to find that username on IPB. Would you accept paypal for this license and how would the transfer process go, in other words how could one of us make sure that we are not being scammed, would the information in the account be changed or a login given before payment as many people might feel uncomfortable sending payment with the licensing sale scams that sometime take place around here.

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    sold, thanks

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    I just wanted to update the community to let them know that this sale went through without a hitch and that gamingcore is a legit honest person.

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    thanks for your good words dude

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