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    how many sites can i host

    hi there,

    i have a server with a 80GB harddisk. I want to start calculating how much space i can offer each user. I was thinking of hosting around 400-500 websites on that server, would this be possible and how much webspace do each domain get, also keeping in mind of mailbox sizes etc.

    any advice would be appreciated.


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    anyone ?? i need to know how to calculate what sort of webspace and mailbox sizes etc. to offer

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    Processor speed, ram, internet connection speed come into play here.

    Sounds like you will definitely be overselling if you are going to try to get 400-500 sites on 80 GB.

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    Why not decide on your offer(s), sell what you can comfortably fit on this server (allowing a bit of free space for customer to extend their current packages).

    Watch how your customers use their space (if they all use only a small proportion, then perhaps consider overselling) then purchase additional hardware once you reach capacity :-)

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    I would say you should give 100MB per account, you can fit a MAX of 200MB per domain (minus the system files).

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