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    Safemode, Suexec, Php suexec and open base dir. Whats necessary?

    I was running safemode, open base, suexec..

    Then I thought php suexec would be even safer. So I made the changes..

    Does php suexec replace safemode?

    I would leave the 4 options on.. but now my phpSYSinfo neat script wont work anymore.

    My old way was just putting in a tag in httpd to turn off phpsafemode for just that stat directory / url.

    Now with php suexec.. it wont work.. unless I turn off php safe mode globally.

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    Any one...?

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    Basically if phpSysInfo works completely it means your system is insecure.

    The script relies on accessing certain pieces of information that it shouldn't be able to in order to display some information.

    Sorry but, thats just the way it works.

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    phpsuexec doesn't allow scripts to run in 777 mode. Try to kick down the problem script to 755 or lower and check it out

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    Ughhh phpsuexec is to restrictive I find for a shared hosting environment. Some scripts need safe mode off and if you have phpsuexec enabled you can't do that.

    open_base is very important, it prevents linking outside a users home directory.
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