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    * about onehost .ws

    IMHO Very bad company from Singapore, because:

    1. Bad uptime, about 85-90%.
    2. Bad response time to emails.
    3. Ignore customer wants. (my 2 wants: buy more brandwidth ant custom 509 error page).
    4. Bad knowledge.
    5. Bad security (my site was hacked).
    6. Server overload every minute.

    God is only price and speed.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Jan 2003
    I wish i knew more about the company to tell my opinion :-/

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    Apr 2003
    San Francisco Bay Area,CA
    This old thread has good info :
    Locking it and making us start a new thread doesn't make much sense to me...

    Anyway, they got hacked twice, and were down for a while (a couple days?) each time, but my site was restored in the end. The service is better than I expected for the price.
    And that's still way more than 90% uptime.
    I have a monitor keep uptime stats on my site, and it's at 98%, IIRC.
    They haven't restored my ssh access since the last hack, even though I've bugged 'em twice about it, and they have the validation info they wanted.

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