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    Domain name selling vs. reselling


    I am wondering if you guys could clarify something for me. Is there a difference between domain name reselling and selling a domain name that you have already registered?

    I am not clear on whether reselling means selling domain names that you have already registered or just reselling the registration services.

    What I want to do is sell some domain names that I have registered myself, but I'm not sure if this is possible or not since I don't have a reseller account.

    Anyone can tell me?

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    The terminology is really all mixed up. Yes, you can sell domains that you already own. It is a very common practice just post here.

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    What kind of process do you have to go through to do this? I was looking all around my registrar's site (godaddy) but it doesn't really say anything.

    Im guessing that the second party applies for a transfer and I okay it?

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    Well GD isn't the best when it comes to transferring ownership. That is one of the strikes I have against them. You can transfer to another GD account but you can't transfer away from GD until after the 60 day rule. No problem, that is the standard. The problem is when I buy a domain from you, you transfer to my GD account then GD makes me wait "another" 60 days. If you are going to buy and sell domains they are one of the worst. I can push a huge list or many small domains with eNom before you could transfer one at GD.

    As you mentioned their site doesn't explain transfers to well. There is a difference between changing the whois and transferring. Here is what you do:

    Godaddy "push" --
    - Login to your account
    - Click Manage domains
    - Click on the domain that you want to push
    - Click on Change account
    - Then enter new registrant info
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    So if I wanted to be in the business of registering domain names, would you recommend that I transfer registrars away from GoDaddy? I hear that eNom is the best, at least among browsing this board.

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    To me if someone is in the biz of buying and selling domains...then I would only recommend eNom. I think you will be hard pressed to find any volume broker who says they like GD policies/control panel for transfers internal to the registrar.

    If you are going in the domain name reseller biz (registrations, transfers, renewals) then we can debate all day about who is better. I have my opinion and others have theirs.

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