We at Lifelesspeople.com are proud to unveil our newest advertising opportunities to the WHT community.

Service Background:

Lifelesspeople.com is a premier provider of free webhosting services to users in over 40 countries. Through aggressive marketing and providing quality services nearly unmatched in the industry, Lifelesspeople.com has become one of the choice-hosting providers to aspiring webmasters.

We average at or around 60,000 visits per month from primarily the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.

Advertising types available:

468x60 - Top Banner
Text Links
96x25 Buttons - Forum Bottom

If you want something else, just ask. We will try to design a solution to meet any needs or budget.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions, email contact [AT] lifelesspeople.com with the subject line "Advertising Opportunity".

Thank you for your attention, you may now return to your regularly scheduled forum post.