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    911 days seperated WTC attacks and Spain attack

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    Yep... I saw that the day it happened. I have some friends living in Madrid now. That must suck for them having to think about all that every time they get on the train...

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    It was 911 full days between the two attacks, 912 days from 11/9-2001 to 11/3-2004.
    Maybe Al Queda forgot that there are 29 days in february this year? If this 911 mumbo jumbo is true, they must have meant to attack on the 911th day after 911, not the 912th.
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    islamic faith is turning on them finally

    the grand mufti of saudi arabia issued a statement this morning that the people who did the bombing will burn in hell.

    finally. its what we ahve been saying all along. now maybe the rest of the misguided terrorists will realize they are not going to get 70 virgins to have fun with - that they meant they are going to feel like 70 virgins after they have been had fun with - oh yeah - and no air conditioning.
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    Very creepy!!!!!!

    The Dude

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    cant count HAHAhaa..

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