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    moving from italy to USA


    first let me say that almost all my clients are here in Italy, my server usually have a trafic of 90GB per month and i use a bandwidth of 800kbits. i am thinking to move my server to the united state, to .

    do you think my costumer will notices?? should i keep my server in europe?? if so why ?

    i know this questions is kind of lame, but i want be extra sure that i wont have any problems.

    thanks in advance!!!

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    They will probably notice, slightly slower response times (ping times will be higher). However if you choose a host with good connections it should be minimal.

    The price difference between european bandwidth and american is huge though. I could never go back to hosting in Denmark, it costs extreme amounts of cash.

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    yes bandwidth here cost a lot of money, that's why i'm moving

    do you know something about

    thanks for your replay

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    >do you know something about


    But try and do a search on this board. You will certainly find something :-)

    Since you are new on these boards I might point you here for great offers:

    Of course not all those providers are all good, but some are great and very good price. (ie. servermatrix)


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    I currently have a couple servers with serverbeach and so far I have had little problem with them. They seem to have a steady network and minimal downtime. I don't believe any of my servers there have been down due to something outside of my control.

    I would recommend them for a VA host, however I have not done a whole lot of shopping on the East coast.

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    ok thanks. i'm a new at this. but not to unix, i dont need control panels, so should i go to serverbeach free setup or to servermatrix $130 fee for setup??

    ps what do you mean with VA host ?


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    VA stands for Virginia. Virginia is an eastern state in the US.

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    520 in Asburn VA would be a good choice

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    go to serverbeach free setup or to servermatrix $130 fee for setup??
    I think that set up fees are not a good deal. You can find a lot of good hosts that don't bill for set up. So try to make search.

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    Moving from Italy will make slow your website.

    Try to consider a dedicated server in Italy at

    They offer Italian support and good prices.

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    They don't list any prices on their website... looks strange to me?!
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    If your clients are hosting websites with plain html pages, php, javascript, etc... then they will probably *not* notice any difference. If they have game servers, or intense downloads (large flash animations, etc...) then they will notice a slight latency with the slower ping times.

    We host many european sites, and most of our overseas clients say the sites are fast.

    - John C.

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    I host my italian customers on servers in USA and my custumers don't have any problem with it, most of my italian customers have high graphic intensive sites I never receive any complaint about speed.

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    Our users are 95% the UK based - we had servers in a couple of UK datacentres and a while ago moved everything to ThePlanet.

    We have never had a single complaint about things being slower, however we did have had lots of praise on it being faster and hugely more reliable !

    Admitted we weren't in the best UK datacentres (were in one in Bradford and the Vibus one in Ireland) but it was the best move we ever made.
    Invectis - Windows 2000, 2003 and MS SQL Server web hosting

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    If you want to move from Italy because of prices take a look to some interesting European offers (less problems with ping and speed for Italian customers) like for example:

    - (Holland, fast support, good prices)
    - (France, slow support, but better prices on high bandwidth)

    I've received a good offer from the Italian Ondatech (they're quite known / active on this forum) but it's very strange how their site is up with template-style texts ("Lorem ipsum..." etc) and with no prices. Maybe you should contact them by mail, if you trust this strange situation.

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