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    I signed for a reseller account at this month - a bit expensive compared to the rest of the market, but I'm spreading my assets around.

    Anyway, I had problems logging in - it may have been a nameserver issue, so I made sure I re-registered my nameservers at 123-reg.

    I get back to the account after a week or so to find I still can't log in to the default WHM secure port. Couldn't log into the suggested server log in with the URL either.

    Anyway, I re-enter their ticketing system - and it doesn't even seem to be set up right. They're using Kayako eSupport 2.1.7 - but the links to follow up the progress of your tickets isn't working. No reply to tickets either.

    So I can't check on individual tickets, and I have to send new tickets to reply to original tickets.

    Their replies deny a problem, request more information, then confuse my domain name (so no wonder there's no internic record of it).

    Situation so far: they're not sure what domain I'm using (despite my telling them), they have no idea what's going on with the DNS and nameservers, I just got a small flood of copies of old support tickets - it seems they've finally switched their support system back on. But all tickets now closed.

    I have to say I'm pretty appalled - what host doesn't even bother to check that their support system is set up correctly? Can't vouch much for the support either - they seemed to have even less idea of what was happening than I. Pretty poor experience overall.

    Anyway - I'd included catalyst2 in lists of hosts with UK based servers - this is just to report that I certainly wouldn't recommend them at all - certainly not for reseller accounts at the very least.

    I sent a polite request for a cancellation of service this morning, along with a full refund. I should hope that they respect that enough to prevent my having to ever mention the word "chargeback" to them.

    C'est la vie.

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    I had hell at 123-reg with nameservers. They kept on being reset and had to re propergate which took longer than usual, about 36 hours

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    I haven't had any problems with 123-reg and nameservers - currently running three other reseller accounts registered through them.

    And if *if* there were a problem with 123-reg, I shouldn't have to negotiate my way around an completely improperly set up support system to address that.

    Maybe catalyst 2 have better days - I obviously didn't rate my short experience with them.

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    Hi Brian,

    I'm surprised to hear that, Paul (from Catalyst2) seems like a good guy.

    Anyway, welcome to Amard

    Robert Kerry
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    I'm certainly willing to wonder that it wasn't simple a "bad day" for them - the fact that the support system didn't appear properly set up simply confused matters. Aside from that I'm more disappointed now than angry. I have time wasted, and I should have liked to have stayed round with them for something - well recommended hosts with servers in the UK and market prices are not very common.

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    Not wanting to get into a flame war, just to say that you recieved a full refund under our 30day money back guarantee a few minutes after you requested it.
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    How come you only show uptime stats of one server in your forum. If you've been in business since "2000", you should have a stack of servers.
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    If you look closer at the description i think you will find it states that it is network uptime
    Paul Redpath
    catalyst2 (
    UK based windows and linux webhosting, linux vps, dell dedicated servers and co-location in telehouse and redbus.

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    No flame War required - catalyst2 did quite refund my money without quibble.

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    Ah - I *finally* figured out the problem - you don't allow own nameservers to be used by resellers.

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