Would like to secure employment working from remote site. (Georgia). I have DSL, fax, and messenger. Please let me know how I can help you. The following is an example of some of my qualifications:


 Adobe Photo Shop
 Word Perfect (75 wpm)
 Microsoft Word
 Outlook Express
 Eudora
 Power Point

o Operating Systems

 Windows Family 95-2000XP
 Internet Browsers

Peripheral Devices

 HP CD Rom Writer
 Zip Drives
 Hi-Speed USB Media Reader & Writer

Photography (HP Digital)

Project Management
o Initiative
o Teamwork
o Leadership Experience
o Rapport Building
o Effective Communication Skills
o Adaptability
o Client Focus

Legal Proficiencies

Library or online Internet research techniques
Principles of Business Law
Professional Ethics Principles
Public Speaking
Research methodology to legal cases or issues
Application of Rules of Evidence in legal setting
Tax Laws or Regulations
Ability to communicate Technical Information
Compile Evidence for court action
Compile Information for court cases
Conduct legal hearings
Conduct Legal Research
Conduct Search of Legal Records
Confer with prosecuting attorney
Decide causes of legal actions
Determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution
Direct collection, preparation, or handling of evidence
Direct serving of legal documents
Draw up agreements in accordance with laws
Examine data against legal precedents
Examine evidence to determine if it will support charges
Explain government laws or regulations
File documents in court
Identify laws or court decisions relevant to pending cases
Interpret laws or legislation
Interview crime witnesses or victims to obtain descriptive information
Make presentations
Obtain information from witnesses, attorneys, or litigants
Organize legal information or records
Participate in appeals hearings
Recommend claim action
Review civil rights laws
Understanding of legal terminology
Write legal correspondence
Write legal documents

Resume and references furnished upon request. Please email me at [email protected]