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    Gaming Webmasters Needed...

    Hey everyone,

    Im looking for someone to run some sites on my network, there are 3 available.

    You will be supplied with a layout, domain, webhosting, and vB forums.

    Half-Life Nation (a half-life fan-site, covering half-life 1, 2 and major mods. [LAYOUT:][DOMAIN:]

    Files Nation (The File Database [LAYOUT:][DOMAIN:]

    Cheating Nation (The Cheat Code Database [LAYOUT:][DOMAIN:]

    If anyone is interested, give me a yell on msn: [email protected] or email: [email protected]

    these are just 2 of the 9 sites that are launching very soon.

    James Thorpe

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    Perhaps post some of the qualities or skills a prospective webmaster for you might have? Maybe it's just me, but the request seems a tad vague.

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    I need People who have been in the gaming industry fora while, and would know what they are talking about when thier running the site. They need to write content, Post news and be active in the updating of the site, aswell as in the forums.

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    is this a paying job?

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    I've been in the game industry as press for about 2 years. I currently run, but I'm trying to sell that site. I have first hand experience of working side by side with some big name developer companies, such as UbiSoft, Sony, and THQ, as well as many other companies.

    I'm also knowledgeable in HTML, PHP, and MySQL. Just my speling lacks sometimes.

    Anyways, I may be interested in helping you run those sites. If you still have positions open, I'm interested in the Files Nation site. My MSN is [email protected]. I'll try to contact you on MSN.


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