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    Mid-Sized Hosting Company for sale

    We are a fairly mid-sized company with revenues of more then $200k a year.

    If your a large company with the ablity to handle a large sale. Please contact us for a NDA and packet information.

    I seriously ask that you inquiry only if you have revenues to close a sale within 30 days. We are looking at 80% at signing and 20% held in escrow for 90 days.

    The asking price is relative to the size of our yearly revenues. So please, we ask you do not waste our time if you don't have the funds to close such a large deal! If you would like us to send you a NDA, please email [email protected]?subject=NDA Request My email system will automatically reply (upon my approval, after viewing your initial email) to send you the NDA.

    Company Details
    Company Name:
    Company URL:
    Type of services offered:
    Where your based:
    2003 revenue's (Estimate is fine):

    Amount of customers broken down into
    shared hosting:
    dedicated hosting:
    colocation hosting:

    Contact Details
    Daytime Phone:
    Cell Phone:

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    Just to make everyone aware, we had a few emails asking "whats the current bid", we are not accepting "bids". This is a formal sale.

    If your company is unable to come up with the type of cash for such a sale, please, do not email us.

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    It would certainly help to know what you mean by "the type of cash". A range or expected amount would be fine. You mention revenues of $200k, which does not mean anything to a potential buyer. You could be making profits as low as $20k with the popular "budget" hosting or $100k+ with more reasonable hosting services. Any potential buyer will definitely be interested in your profits rather than revenues. I would not waste your time or mine to go through the hassle of NDA and the like unless I know I will be able to afford to buy your business.

    Thank you and I look forward to a response.

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    What is the reason for selling the business ?

    What type of business ? incorp , sole, partner?
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