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    Free webhosting tools?

    Hi, I am just wondering, what tools do you need for a free webhosting service? What scripts to automate subscription, and what tool to automatically place a banner? Thanks.

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    Try google or actually doing some research before you post.

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    Hi, I actually did a search, found WHM autopilot, moderbill, hostadmin, etc. but none of them caters for free webhosting. For instance, for free webhosting, you would need new accounts to be created as a subdirectory, instead of a totally new domain. you would also have to give them a ftp based on the primary site, etc. Couldn't find a solution for that
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    We have been doing it for 6-7 years.. so if you have any questions you can message me.

    As for the script, solutionsscripts makes home free.. But after a few months/years you will realize that you will most liekly need something custom because of the custom conditions... And even our custom script has changed soo much in the past 5 years that the people who designed it for us then would not recognize it.

    New things come up.. new abuse.. new ways to hack the server/script, new neccesities like different ad serving, etc..

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    I found a great script called whoiscart

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