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    Smallish vBulletin forum and website

    Hello everyone!

    I have an ezboard forum right now which I want to move to vBulletin. I have a maximum of 10 users online at the same time now. When I move I can expect a maximum of 20 or 25.

    Here are the current stats:
    Founded: July 21, 2001
    Daily Posts: 144
    Total Posts: 55788
    Daily Visits: 899
    Total Visits: 342248

    The posts at my forum do not include a lot of images. The layout itself has a bit more images than average possibly.

    I need to know how much bandwidth and HD space I will need for the forum. I know it can't be exact, I just need a general idea. And recomendations for quality web hosts are welcome as well. I think an automatic backup system will be important since I don't want to lose the forum and everything in it. I shall also need additional webspace and bandwidth for the accompannying website.


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    You absolutely do not want to rely on a webhost to provide backups for you - it is the *absolute* responsibility of the forum webmaster to ensure that they make safe backups of their own forums.

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    One of my forums has about the same statistics as you describe, and it uses approx. 15Gb a month. Also you shouldn't have a problem with diskspace as it will probably remain below 100Mb but the Mysql Database can become very large..
    But I'm wondering is there a tool to move a forum from EzBoard to Vbulletin?

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    There is a vBulletin importer for ezboard, AFAIK. Worth asking, though, about the details if so:

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    Thanks for the input!

    I will be sure to back it up myself and not rely on the webhost, but it would still be nice if they did it as well.

    vBulletin offers a transfer from ezboard, but they have to do it themselves (for free, I think). The trouble with ezboard is the database is kept locked away, and only ezboard people can access it.

    I guess I'm not looking for a very expensive server... Could I get away with about $10 a month for a reliable host?

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    Has anyone used "A Small Orange" web hosting?

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    There are plenty of decent webhosts offering 100-200MB of space and around 5GB b/w for around $10. Do shop around and use the search feature here to check up for comments on any companies you find interesting.

    As for backups - heh, better to take responsibility for yourself, full stop. If a host offers them - great. But never rely on them, in case the backups fail just when you most need them. It can and does happen.

    As for importers for vb - so far as I know they are done for free. Had some help moving some Yabbse's to vb. Generally very good support.

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    53 has the prices which you are looking for.
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    Check the Host Quote feature of this site or the Shared Hosting Offers area. I am sure you will find a host listed there who will be able to easily accomodate your new vBulletin forum and associated website.

    As for importers, I am not positive that there is a importer for ezBoard as it is a hosted service. But if you check the vBulletin site, there very well could be one.
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    I now have a few good sites to consider. Thanks to those who messaged me!

    Thanks for the advise everyone!

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    Just found a note - for Ezboard imports you need to request this specifically in the members area of vBulletin. They'll handle it for you.

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    Originally posted by Berethorn
    Has anyone used "A Small Orange" web hosting?
    I'm using them now, and I LOVE them. Best host I've ever used.

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    I think it's actually from you that I got their link - at the vBulletin forums?

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    Find a host that offers a good package with 1.5GB HDD Space/15GB Bandwidth, and you'll be set. Just make sure the package include unlimited mySQL databases.

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    I think 1.5GBs of disk space is going a little over board for his specs.

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    That seems like alot! How much space can the VB forums take up?

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