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    This site a scam?

    Reason I am looking at this site is, because I am some day hoping to start a sit down restraunt where I live.

    Or if you know of a site like this (if this site is a scam) that can help me it would help.


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    how is it a scam? The site has a program that asks you some questions and makes some sort of business plan. They aren't offering any other sevrices as you have to get the loands yourself and do all the other work yourself. Much better than your run of the mill get rich now I can tell you how type scam.
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    I know, but people cant be to carefull know these days (that is why I asked)

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    Doesn't look like it. Maybe you should email them and ask for an email address to those that gave the testimonials, follow them up.
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    It looks okay, but I will watch out.

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    Looks fine to me.

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    And we Guarantee our proven plan will raise the money you need, or it won't cost you a cent!

    Anyone that guarantees you will raise money for a venture is a scam or would at least make me worry.
    There are no guarantees when it come to getting venture capital.

    Now they may have and offer a real business plan software that is good, but I would not put stock in the guarantee if I were you.
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    Of course its real! it has a .com at the end of it! What kind of people would scam with a .com??

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