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    Free Professional Templates!!

    100% Free professional templates.
    All templates come with the .PSD which is already spliced. Many of the templates contain the HTML files.


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    Just curious... Do you have rights to distribute these templates for free? I wouldn't want to get caught using one that would be illegal to use.

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    For free they are pretty good. I thought I've seen some of these template before though...

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    yes, the are completely free for use, royalty free, and not restricted by copyrights.

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    Where did you get the templates from?

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    Royalty free means you still pay

    EDIT: What if someone copyrights one?
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    One of those templates look exactly like one on boxedart...And a few others look familiar.

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    Some of these templates are BoxedArt's, and are templates that are outside even the "stolen template pack". I would like to request for this link to be removed. We will also be contacting these individuals. These templates are not copyright free and cannot be distributed in this way.

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    You can avoid a contact from BoxedArt's legal department by promptly removing the following from your website:

    Business 05
    Business 12
    Business 22
    Business 25
    Business 27
    Business 28
    Business 32
    Hosting 04
    Hosting 09
    Hosting 10
    Hosting 15
    Hosting 16

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, the infringed will be removed first thing tomorrow morning.
    I was told that they were all copyright free. If you wouild like to contact the distributer please PM me.

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    You have been messaged.

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    Oh, I know a place you can get all of those, plus more for $5, maybe you want to contact them too? High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    Seen many of these on other sites..heck I have most of them myself, including the Boxedart ones...but, that's ok since I have BA membership..

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    the BA templates have been removed.

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    A website hosted by will be here soon! thats all i get when i connet to that site

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