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    A little Help, Nothing Hard

    Ok, I have vBulleting 3.0 on my server installed, I bought some skins. Now how do I go about installing them? Please help me I wasnt quite sure where to post this so sorry if i posted it in the wrong area.

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    On the vBulletin control panel /vB/admin/ or /yourinstalldir/admin/ there is a place to upload change styles. I think you can upload one there and make the bb use it.

    You could check's forums for a more accurate answer, since I haven't used vB since 2.3.3
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    but where do I upload the folder? with images etc.

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    i dont get it, I have some temps with actual XML files, and they upload no problem in the admin panel but what do I do with the templates that dont have XML files and just have STYLE files? Please help

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