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    Needed... VERY experienced VBulletin Coder / hacker...

    I have a good ammount of work for someone. I am pretty decent in VB hacking although I know not nearly enough to do what I wish to do. You must be able to write your own VB hacks. This will be on VB3. It will take probably over a month if me and you work together diligantly.

    Coder must have AIM and on it regularly. I will pay, but we need to come on an agreement of something. I'd like to not pay until the work is totally done. Reason for that is, I don't want the coder to leave and leave me with something 3/4 the way coded and I have no idea what's been done or how you've coded it. I would then have to restart with someone else. Please email me or PM me. I'd like past works and any VB hacks you have written. I may also need to fax a non-disclosure form. We will talk in more detail once you have been selected.

    Ryan Amos

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    You should try posting this request at (this is where vb coders dwell)

    Good luck!
    Geek 3 Computer Repair

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    I would, but I am looking for people before I buy the actual license. I believe you have to have one before you can post there correct?

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    you want to hack the license instead of buying it?

    i dont understand what you mean...

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    No, I bought the license. I wanted to talk about it before I purchased the license. No need now. I am coding it all myself. Thanks for the interest.

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