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    United States - California - San Jose - C. Davies

    i'd like to rent another webspace from a host that has servers there, cuz i have a good viewing speed.

    does anyone have any infomation or experience about it??

    Any help appreciated

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    Keep in mind that not everyone viewing your website will be from San Jose... unless thats your targe audience =)

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    ericnmu is right. So you should look for web host in US region - and there are a lot of them over there

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    It would help if you would post the IP or hostname of the site you like. "C. Davies" is probably the person who owns that IP block; that doesn't help much.
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    Look for a host with servers in datacenter in Fremont -- that would get you what you want. And HE is quite a popular choice so you won't find a problem finding a host with servers in HE datacenter.

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