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    Parked domain acting funny

    I recently moved to a new (free) host and parked my domain there.
    When I try to access an address in the form of , there is no problem, but when I try to access (without a file name) , I get redirected to .
    I wrote and they said it's not a specific problem of the domain. They think that maybe the web server should be configured to attend requests on the domain .
    The host company says that domain names like .com and work fine so they won't do anything about it.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this problem (besides moving to another host) ?

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    I think it;s a problem of
    Free things never comes perfect.


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    You should rewrite aliases for your domain name.

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    I had no problems with with my old host.
    There is something different between the hosts. I'm not sure it's important but maybe you could tell me.
    Both hosts have a directory called www , but the old host also had a directory under www for each domain - for a domain there was a directory with the same name.
    This means I could have different contents for each domain name.
    The new host doesn't have these kind of "domain name directories".

    How do I rewrite aliases for my domain name ?

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    Yeah you pay nothing you usually get nothing

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    I knew someone would give me this answer.
    I am still interested to know what is the reason for this problem.

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