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    U.S. Presidential Campaign 2004


    I have these US political campaign domains: (org, us) (info,net,org,us) +(info, net, org) (info, org, us)

    I am planning on developing some of them as Forums, Portals to sell advertising for the HUGE US Presidential Election campaing. However If I can get some good $$, could sell...

    A QUESTION, I have a one word .tv domain that greatdomains has offered an 'invitation to bid' . Any one with experience selling domains with gd? If initial gd offer is say $15,000 and reserve $8,000 should I accept it?


    Other domains I have are: and

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    With your presidential domains, you might make a good revenue stream from them, given the type-in traffic would probably be high.

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    Yes try hard to cash in on them cause you have less then a year to do so..... I don't know about type in traffic.... The seem abit long................

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    Thanks for the replies. Which ONE you think is BETTER to try to develop?...

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    Develop one, pay for advertisement, get everything going then make it back and more

    Best of luck, you can pm me for my other thoughts on making money on it

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    I would sell them all in a hurry, they've gotta have some pretty good value right now but the clock is ticking.

    If you plan to develop one, I would try to move others right away.

    In the mean time, a red white & blue parking page with some AdWords on it might add some value to the price.

    Those are some good finds!

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