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    site for Sale and domain (rating site)

    Domain: if down goto it via

    Members: 44

    It is not a secret that ratng sites can/will/ and are very popular, i am trying to sell this site for as much as possible of course, any bids welcome

    The domain ends Jan 2005, the script has a admin control panel, four built in templates and a 'personal message' for member contact installed.

    It is a site for getting your desktop rated and to rate others.

    With some advertising and work, this could be very big, and bring in some cash.

    I am honestly not 100% sure how to copy over the sql databse so you can keep the members, but what i am sure is that you are welcome to have the files and try, if you fail then you still have a great site and domain

    I am looking to sell as soon as poss, so good bids will be granted.

    Surely has more features then these dull 1 out of ten voting ones going for over $200 around here

    It is the old WGS rating dating script and i converted it to windows and mac to rate desktops
    Thanks alot.

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    47 members now

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    Is there a minimum bidding price?

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    no, just reasonable please

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    Have a guy intrested at $65

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