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    UK 2500XP+ 1GB DDR RAM 1000GB transfer

    Hi, we will have one/two of the following machines spare this weekend

    1GB DDR RAM 333
    80GB WD hard disk
    100mb/s connection
    1000gb transfer (95%ile)
    month to month contract
    currently using a single feed from tsn.

    located in Redbus 2 meridian gate

    100 setup and 85 a month

    or 115 a month including cpanel

    IP to test

    this machine isnt on our website yet, our designer hasn't finished making our site, we will have one or two available on sunday.

    PM me if your interested.

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    You got any Intel P4's? How much extra for 2000GB bandwidth and a backup HDD? - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    We can do P4's and 2000GB ill have to get you a quote though.

    PM you shortly


    Matthew Keen

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