which services do you recommend running for a shared hosting company?

current i'm listing some of them that I don't know the utility or that I think are unnecessary:

(obs: i have cpanel and RHE)

- FreeWnn
- antirelayd
- arptables_jf
- autofs
- bandmin
- canna
- cpimap
- melange
- ip6tables (why the "6"?)
- ipaliases
- isdn
- keytable
- cupsd
- jserver
- irqbalance
- mdmpd
- mdmonitor
- portsentry
- postmaster
- rhnsd
- xinetd (i don't use telnet/talk)
- talk
- ntalk
- nfslock
- random

i'd read the manual of all of them to find if they're useful or not...
but maybe someone here already has a list of which one can be disabled with no problems? or which one can't be...