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Thread: Two Templates!

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    Two Templates!

    I was given premission from Dennis to repost this. Please no comments, I'm trying to sell something, not trying to ruin yet another thread that was resolved in the end.

    Template One

    This is a template that I purchased **UNIQUE** from another WHT member and have the right to sell it.

    Template URL:

    You will receive:
    Two Unique .PSD's (Mainpage, and Subpage)
    Coded template
    All fonts
    Full Rights

    Price: $100 USD OBO

    Template Two

    Template URL:

    You will receive:
    Unique .PSD's
    All Fonts
    Full Rights

    Price: $75 USD OBO

    Payment details: Payment method Paypal.

    If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

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    very nice man .. i wish you luck.

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    All prices are negoitable, please if you are at all interested and you have a reasonable offer, please email me or post here.

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    nice templates good luck with the sale

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