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    Bad Business Etique

    Recently i was selling my site, there were 2 buyer that was intrested in taking over the site, One of them made an early bid and he seems like a nice guy, and the other guy also made the same bid (well 10 dollars more)

    However i felt that the first guy should get the site because i like him in a way as we chatted on messenger. so i told the other buyer the site is sold and i offered him my friend's site which he bought after wards.

    Now the first guy who i intended to sale it to promised me the payment in a day or two, but he keep saying his bank giving him spending limit. i give him benefit of the doubt and waited, so on the day (2nd day) i told him just send whatever you have as downpayment, and suddenly he told me he's not intrested anymore.

    i wont reveal the member's name on this forum, but do you think it's a good business practice by this potential buyer who backed down or he never have intention to purchase and harming my site to be purchase by the 2nd person?

    i always think of teens in wht are very responsible (i know most are) but this one is particular is someone i want to personal avoid doing business with :p

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    a sale is not final till the money exchanges hands or a contract is signed. it does suck though that you ended up losing both potential buyers though.

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    The way I see it, if the buyer and seller both agree through email on a price, then that would be considered a contract.


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