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    Arrow Growing Hosting Business For Sale, 300 Clients + More


    We are exploring the sale of our hosting business assets. I'll Give you the important details below:

    ~275-300 Clients and growing

    ~100 shared clients
    ~180 reseller cleints
    12 dedicated server clients

    Annual Revenue ~$75000 USD.

    The operation is profitable as it stands currently. We have not taken much in profits from the operation of the business - we have mainly reinvested in advertising and infrastructure. We currently have no salaried employees, since the business has primarly been operated by the founders up to this point.

    We are in the process of auditing our billing records, but this info is deemed to be fairly reliable.

    Customers are billed mainly via Paypal and Paysystems, but some newer customers are billed via - our merchant account would not be included in the sale, however. We also have a couple of customers that are billed via 2checkout, however we have been transitioning those customers over to other payment methods.

    30-Day Records: 166
    90-Day Records: 58
    180-Day Records: 17
    360-Day Records: 65

    The majority of the yearly records will come due in the next 3-6 months.

    We run multiple servers in different datacenters currently - we are open to offers that would involve moving the clients or keeping them where they are. Some of our customers were moved to facilitate a hardware and OS upgrade recently, so we would prefer to leave at least those customers where they are for the time being, but as I said we are flexible. Most of our servers are not operating at full capacity, so there is still room for expansion to some degree without adding any hardware. The bulk of our business is Linux/Cpanel, but we also have some Windows/Helm hosting as well. I may be willing to separate, but would strongly prefer to sell all assets as a whole. Our accounts are not grossly oversold (we have no 40gb disk space 500gb bandwidth reseller pacakges), and actual utilization is very low for the majority of our customers.

    We have a need to possibly exit this business for several reasons in the next 6-8 weeks. I will still be available for consulting after that time, but we are looking to complete a sale in that timeframe if the right buyer emerges.

    All reasonable offers will be accepted. We are somewhat flexible with terms, however offers with greater cash up-front will be given higher priority. We are willing to sacrifice selling price to some degree for the right offer.

    We are mainly looking for someone that we believe will take good care of our clients, and this business will be sold based on that principle first. All domain naimes, web site, sotware licenses, and everything else needed to run the business will be included, with the exception of our account and possibly our paypal account. We have a good reputation overall in the industry, and have had no major problems with customer retention. We have been operating our hosting business for roughly a year, and have seen excellent growth during that time.

    Please email me via this board for more info or to request an NDA. Questions that would not disclose any confidential info can be asked via this board as well.

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    Can you give an estimate on the Windows/Helm numbers? I know you prefer not to seperate but in the slim chance I would be interested to know.
    -- Matthew

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    Our windows operations are quite small - im far from a Windows expert, so we have never really developed that end of the business to it's potential.

    6-8 standalone resellers
    6-8 resellers that also have linux accounts
    ~15 shared hosting customers

    The server is profitable for us, but since the reseller accounts are somewhat intertwined with some of our linux resellers I would prefer to keep it all together.

    Although you probably would not be interested, if we sold the windows accounts separately, we would also include the owned single server helm license, asp upload license, and mailenable pro license. Where you are already doing windows hosting, this would probably be redundant for you and may make it unattractive for you, since i'd prefer to bundle the software licenses rather than trying to piece them out.
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    Just to let you know you do not have enough posts for people to Pm you.

    Could you email me more information to james [@]

    James Chillman -UK Backup Limited Online Backup Offsite Backup, Backup Software

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    I m interested up to an extent. Please email me at sales @

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    I'm aware that I can't be PM'ed yet - per the guidelines given to me by the mods here, this is a new account for use only to sell this business - if you want to reach me, please send email via the contact info here, or post your info and i'll contact you.

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    I would like to contact you... But look.....

    Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails through this board. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help.
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    Sorry about that - go ahead and give it a try now, emails should work.

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    I send you an email already. Since WHT went down soon after that, I am not sure if you got it or not. If not, shoot me an email at info(at) . Please include a phone number where I can reach you.

    Thanks Quality outsourced hosting support and server administration @ affordable rates. Let the PROs handle your customer service 24/7.

  10. Can you provide URL of the website?
    And why do you have to setup a new account for selling the business? Doesn't make sense to me.
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    Since we are "exploring" some options here and don't yet have a qualified offer, we felt there was no reason to scare our customers with news of a potential buyout that may not happen. That is why we are posting with a new account (this company is known on WHT). Disclosure of the URL would require an NDA be signed and faxed back to me - if you would like to request one, just drop me an email or a PM (I think I can get them now) with an email address where to send it or a fax number to send it to and i'll get one out to you if you are interested in more info.

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    I still havent got any email from you......

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    nda to email contact in sig, please. well-funded and serious, but i bet you already knew that =]

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    Drop me an email regarding the nda : s.orourke[at]

    Very well funded, and equally serious.

    EIRCA Ltd, home of The Genius Network.

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    I sent an email with no response, I am not sure if you got it. If not please email me at bmarhamat(at)
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    john at . please send NDA and more info.

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    I think that everyone who has requested an NDA has received one - plese email me once you fax it back and i'll foward out the info. If you haven't received one and would like more info, please email me and i'll get it sent out to you asap.


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    i have not received.
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    received, thank you.
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    What is the reason for selling the business ?

    When do you want to finalize the sale ?
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    we are selling the business mainly for personal reasons - a detailed explaination can be given, but i'd prefer not to do it here - there is more details in our info packet.

    We are looking to finalize the sale asap.

    We have recieved several competitive bids, and are currently in negotaions with one potential buyer. We will not be accepting any new bids until we have finalized or called off negotiations with this potential buyer.

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    We are interested. Please send NDA. Thank you.


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    has this been sold?
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