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    Cheap Asp&cgi host

    we have had the idear of creat our own hosting site since when us in the school, after six mouth's preparing ,the host began to run and during last mouth with much test , our host goes very well

    now there are many plan for you

    all plans will have the following further

    ! 100MB Email Space
    ! 10 Email Account

    !!!! Host Further

    ! Access database supported
    ! Ftp upload
    ! FSO
    ! Jmail
    ! Sa-File Up

    !!! Security Further

    ! Auto back up system
    ! Firewall protect

    Plan A

    Web space :100MB
    Bandwith Limit : 100GB/mouth
    $9.98/mouth $95.98/year

    Plan B

    Web space :300MB
    Bandwith Limit : 300GB/mouth
    $16.98/mouth $172.98/year

    Plan C

    Web space :500MB
    Bandwith Limit : 500GB/mouth
    $21.98/mouth $216.98/year

    !!!! Host control panel Further(the cp is in chinese , but we can do it for you)
    ! Real time domain transfer
    ! Real time Ftp password change

    because the english web site haven't finished

    so if u want any one of the three plan
    please email me at [email protected]
    with your choice , domain , ftp user name

    i will create it up for your within 1 day , you can test it 3 days for free

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    my site is

    english version will coming soon

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