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    **award Winning Website For Sale**

    Award winning weight loss, health and beauty website for sale.

    -PR 5 rating
    -6 months old
    -25 pages in total
    -250 links/fully established link pages

    This site is ideal for someone who wants to establish a profitable online business. All the hard work has been done, now it needs someone to market strongly. The potential is huge.

    Make an offer.
    email : [email protected]

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    can we get some webstats and revenue data please



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    revenue and stats

    The stats can be found through a link at the bottom of each page.

    We marketed the site with pay-per-click $25.00 and made $240.00 commission. Our largest sale was a treadmill worth $1600.00.

    We have not marketed this site at all. It is very new

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    How much are you looking for?
    I buy vBulletin licenses and vBSEO licenses!

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    Can you please tell us, what awards did it win?

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    please PM me with more info, thanks

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    Ask price?

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    Do I really need to email you to find out what awards the site has won?

    I think that all interested parties would benefit from this information, especially since it's what you advertised here at the forum. It would also help you to make a sale. Please just post here. Thank you.

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    list of awards for weight loss health and beauty

    here is the list you requested:

    you could just view them on our awards page

    United States award for excellence

    Canadian award for excellence

    A better way award, for contribution to natural health

    Aljapco web award for design and solid construction

    Web builders award (silver)

    Fitness website award

    Dragonfly award for design

    The Golden Web Award 2004

    there are a few more but these are the most important awards.

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    if you were to look up weight loss health and beauty on google it will come in at No.l of their 2million searches, then you can check out our awards page, yourself, and the stats. Thank You

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