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    Be wary of tldh hosting

    Firstly I do not and have not hosted with tldh web hosting
    So I cannot comment on their performance or otherwise.

    During the course of business I had need to check their website.

    I suspected them of attempting to deceive on a linking strategy so I looked a little harder into their site.
    (and another one owned by them but it does not relate to this forum).

    Looks nice very flash, the sound is annoying though.

    Anyway down to tin tacks. they claim to have been in business as TLDH since the mid 90's. But their domain name was registered Jan 2004. given this I find their claims to have 700 servers is a bit fanciful.

    they also have registered a "Private Domain" so no details are available via whois. Nor is there an actual address on their website.

    So given all of the above I leave the choice to you as to whether you trust them or not.

    P.S. I have cancelled their account on my site due to the deceptive practises

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    I have since re-opened one of their accounts. and told them of my concerns about the false impression their hosting website gives.

    I am waiting on an answer from them. should it be reasonable I will gladly withdraw all previous comments.

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