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    enom question - reseller sub-account setup

    1. When manually creating a reseller sub-account the account is created as retail and must be changed to reseller. In that process the account picks up the default retail pricing.

    Is there a way to setup a default reseller pricing chart?

    If not is there any way to plug in a pricing chart without the tedious editing prices box by box?

    2. Websites that use the api to present a form and auto setup a reseller account always display a pricing matrix. Is that pricing structure plugged into the api creation process by the api script so that the account obtains those prices without manually editing the account later?

    3. Many site using the api account creation seem to use a "reseller.php" with type=1 parameter. Is that a common script that is available from enom or elsewhere?

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    1 - no , unless you will use the API
    2- When you use the API you will have full control over creating sub- accounts .
    3 - yes they are using pre-made scripts , the script you mean is almost moderbill script

    you may read this thread for more info
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    reseller.php seems to be

    if you setup the default pricing under: my enom -> settings -> TLD pricing
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    Originally posted by Bashar
    f you setup the default pricing under: my enom -> settings -> TLD pricing
    Yes, that is the retail pricing I was referring to in #1 above.
    Seems strange enom would not provide a separate reseller pricing default page also.

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