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    Athlon 64 Laptop for sale

    I just got this laptop from a fellow trader at hardforum, spent 1300 on this laptop.

    I've sold laptop in WHT before (2 in fact) and i'm a reliable trader with many references.

    Specs :

    eMachines 6805
    Athlon 64 Mobile Unlocked 3000+ @ 1.8Ghz
    ATI Radeon Mobility Unlocked 9600 with 64MB
    256 MB DDR Ram (DDR333)
    40GB Harddrive
    15.4 Screen Wide Screen
    Wireless G included
    Windows XP Home Sticker Certificate
    6-1 Card Reader

    This laptop is a killer machine, but my travel plan has been cancelled for this year so i got to let this laptop go.

    If you need reference, just search for my name on this forum

    Price : $850 + Shipping (You pay real shipping price)
    Also if you are in dallas fort worth, you can just pick up the laptop :p

    Payment using paypal or personal check

    PM me for any questions

    Note : This laptop is in great condition, no dead pixel or etc.
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    Athlon 64 Mobile Unlocked 3000,,, what is mobile unlocked!!!! will you deliver to uk and will you accept $750

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    Means the cpu clock speed is not locked.
    No, 750 is wayy to low, you cant beat this price anywhere.
    I dont mind to ship to UK with UPS, but it will cost a lot.

    Sale is pending...... first one hand me the money will get it.

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    What's the reason why you are selling this?

    Can I get a photo?

    Im interested in getting more info.
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    the reason is stated above, i was planning to travel to japan this summer, so needed a laptop to stay connected, but after the plan to travel is failed, i dont think i need the laptop, anyway, i just got a buyer who already sent me personal check, so it''s sold.

    thanks :p

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    If the check bounces for some reason, contact me =)

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    Is overclocking and modding available?

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    it''s sold.

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    Hmmm, I really wanted it

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    sorry guys, but i'll let you know if this deal with the other fellow did not come thru, he said he sent me the check with priority.

    Yes, it's overclockable, i wouldnt do it but if you want to have fun, you could

    Will keep that in mind ericnmu

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    If it doesnt go through, please be sure to update the forums

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