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    Need some ideas...

    Aight, I got some webhosting... I have Post nuke on it currently and was wondering a way to use my hosting... I tried mIRC Scripting but it wasn't exactly the BEST Idea... So I need something that'll work out.
    -Im interested in ALL Ideas except for: Porn/Illegal Stuffs...

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    Well, you could use your webspace for just about anything;

    Gamerz Site - Cheats, Hints, and so on.

    Scripting Site - Talk about php, nuke, html, vb code, python or anything else.

    E-Commerce - sell silly lil things from your online web store.

    Like I said, pretty much anything and everything a human could possibly ever think of, you could do.

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    Which of the following would be easiest?
    ^ For this, I'm guessing it'd be the store.. but I want everyones opinion...
    Which of the following would attract most visitors?

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    A good way to get visitors is to provide free quality content. If you have a lot of bandwidth to toss around then make a wallpaper site that's got a bunch of categories and plenty of female wallpapers . If you're a little low on the bandwidth then you might want to write some articles in areas that you consider yourself an "expert" in.

    Once you've done either of these then promote your site and do link exchanges with those websites that would be a good complement or are related to your site.
    A Collection of Web Hosts
    Small biographies on hosts, uptime reports and some reviews
    Feel free to add your review or add a host that isn't on the list.

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    sounds like ya jumped the ball, ya need the idea before ya have the web space. hahaha...

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    make sure and sign up for lots of REPUTABLE affiliate programs.

    avoid the mlm, ebooks, books, posters, etc programs. theyve been done to death.
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    So you ask about online business . Look around - there are so many opportunities. Some efforts - and you'll gain the prize

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    I think affliated programmes won't work the magic anymore. Since they are so overly applied all over the net. I mean those "REPUTABLE" ones. How many of you out there use Adsense? That will be a good suggestion of what i mean.

    I think Free stuff always attract the most attention. I tried placing the same post with the same content. One with the word FREE and the post was read at least 3 times more.

    Or make a forum that discuss on some new topics. I am sure that will interest people for some reason.

    IF you go for a good advertising campaign, you are on the right track.

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    Google Adsense can be good but only if it's used in the right way. Affiliate programs don't work unless you are original in some way. Don't just promote the highest bidder. Promote things that you really believe in and you stand a real chance to succeed.

    In the end there's no quick buck to be made on the net (IMHO) and gettting traffic is not easy in any case. Work is required every step of the way. (an unfortunate truth)

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    What are your talents and skillsets? Perhaps you would like to provide a service. Maybe your a programmer. Make some free scripts then create a few for pay versions. Really hard to say when we don't know more about you.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!~
    Im not a programmer... but my friend is, but that can't help me...
    I wanna offer some kind of free services that I can preferably download (like from and install it on my host...
    ~Any Ideas?

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    you can offer free service but as to downloading site. I would think you have to read the TOS of your host before doing so.

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    Hm.. A downloading site... Like Not as fancy.. but you know what I mean.

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