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    Sponsors for an Apache Mass Virtual Hosting Module

    Project: mod_vhost_dbi

    Problem: Apache 2 is not a good choice for massive virtual hosting environments. When a virtual host is added, it requires a complete restart of the Apache HTTPd. As anyone with many virtual hosts can tell you, the HTTPd takes a significant amount of time to start up with many virtual hosts. With thousands of Virtual hosts the Memory usage patterns are not acceptable.

    Goals: Store all information about a Virtual Host in a libdbi accessible database (includes MySQL, PgSQL, SQLite and Oracle) and overcome performance problems of Apache with thousands of Virtual Hosts. By using a database to store virtual hosts, no restart of Apache is required to add, remove, or disable a host. Storing host information in a database also provides many Administration advantages such as making it easily accessible from PHP or any other language.

    Implementation: A proof of concept has been completed and works. An initial version is viewable at:

    Completed Features:
    • Dynamically set various PHP settings like Safe Mode, or the OpenBaseDir.
    • Store Virtual Hosts in a SQL database

    Planned Features:
    • Change most Apache Configuration Directives on a per-virtual host basis
    • Allow any php.ini setting to be tweaked
    • Suexec Support
    • Support for mod_log_sql and other custom logging systems
    • Bandwidth Limits (ie 10 Gb/month limits)
    • Custom SQL Queries
    • Database Connection Pooling using mod_dbi_pool as a backend
    • Performance Tuning
    • Possibly a Shared Memory Cache
    • Packaging (RPM, Deb, Source, plus any others requested)
    • Web based Administration front end to SQL back end
    • Other Features requested by a Sponsor.
    • Complete Documentation in the Apache XML Documentation Format

    Sponsorship: A Sponsor would receive priority for features they request, and immediate support. I would also work on integrating the module with your existing virtual hosting setup and help with conversion of hosting services to this module. For a major sponsorship I am willing to consider assigning ownership to the sponsoring entity.(close source it, sell it, do
    whatever you like). If a sponser would like me to work on other features of Apache instead of this module, I am completely open to it.

    About Me: My name is Paul Querna, and I am currently in College studying Computer Science. I have written several Apache 2
    Modules(1), and have submitted patches for many other Open Source Projects including Apache, and PHP. I was previously employed at Cyan Worlds where, in addition to other tasks, I developed a custom Apache Authentication module for use in their MMO game URU. If you would like a complete resume or references, please contact me privately: chip at force-elite dot com

    (1) Modules:
    • 2.1 Authentication Project (several modules)
    • mod_dbi_pool - pools database connections
    • mod_svn_view - View Subversion Repositories in Style
    • mod_opengl_cg - Render OpenGL Scenes using Nvidia's Cg on a Servers Graphics Card(not currently public, mostly done as a proof of concept).
    • Non-Open Source modules used in production for a Major Game.

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    ICQ: 18985993
    E-Mail: chip at force-elite dot com
    IRC: #apache-modules on - nick is 'chipig' or 'chipux'

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