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    Partner Needed. Web Designer &/Or A Coder

    Evening Everyone,

    I'm looking for a partner that is either a coder or a designer. The project has been planned out and marketing campaigns and services already been bought.

    My specialty areas are 100% marketing.
    I'm keeping this really brief and having people who are interested are encouraged to contact me by:

    PM through these forums
    Email (Use the button below)
    AIM: OptiSEO
    MSN: [email protected]

    I also would be more then happy to answer any questions on the marketing areas of the website, or any other questions you might have (As this thread is obviously very vague).

    Take care,
    Come join the brand new marketing community!

    Looking for Moderators/Administrators!

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    I do Web designs, Logos, Flash, Coding…
    I am interested in your partnership offer.
    Please consider me for that.

    AIM: mzakirpatel.


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    Currently trying to message you via AIM.

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