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    Web Site Down???

    I am in RI and cannot access our website, Internal server Error - 500. Seems like I can access everything else - yahoo, cnn, msn, etc.

    My wife is back in NC and does not have any problem accessing our site.

    Could there be a problem with the site or is there something wrong on my end??/

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    ISP problems?
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    Could be an ISP problem, just seems strange that I can access about everything I can think of (favorites) except our site and the hosting company site.

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    I can access the website that's in your profile if that's any help.

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    Thanks for checking...... Most be some type of strage problem with the ISP or proxy server I am going through.....

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    Yep, the site in your profile is loading fine
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    check from some other client of your ISP and with some one from same city you are in but with a different ISP.. This should make things clearer
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    Maybe some kind of router on the way is having problems?
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    Probably you are behind a firewall. You need to take a look at the security settings of the computer you are using and if its behing a firewall e.g router or Pix. The IP to which you domain name resolve too may be denied within the firewall's access list. Everybody in the world may be able to view the website but you can not if this condition applies to you.

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